Version 2.0 (2011 – 2013)

InQuicker Screenshot

Project Concept

The concept of InQuicker is to check-in for estimated ER and Urgent Care treatment times or book Doctor's appointments for free.

Find a doctor or health facility near you. Choose where and when you want to go. Relax at home until your chosen time.

Project Challenges


I created wireframes to detail and plan the structure and functionality. The wireframes were then built into HTML prototypes to test with users. The layouts were iterated on based on findings from usability testing.

Mobile Wireframes


The wireframes were then translated into interactive HTML prototypes. I ran these prototypes to simulate the interactions within the interface.

Based on the concept and user scenarios, I sketched the interface interactions. The sketches take into account each of the 3 panes of glass that make up InQuicker; Emergency Room, Primary Care and Urgent Care.



The team used a collaborative tool called Invision to manage team feedback. It was a great tool for sharing comments on specific UI elements.

Usability Testing

The app was tested at various stages of development with groups of users to figure out where difficulties were. We iterated based on the feedback we got in these sessions.

Heatmaps were used regularly to measure expectations with how users interacted with the app.


Since did not suit stock photography we iterated a set of characters to use within the app.

The popular demographic for InQuicker was females 25-40. We wanted a character that was warm, friendly and inviting, but also natural and not superfluous.

Final Implementation

Visual elements were built with HTML and CSS and integrated into a Ruby on Rails framework. I worked closely with the developers to implement the design into the application.

Design Results

Marketing Concept Website


I oversaw all aspects of design for the second version of We took what was learned from the original version to create a new design that was more scalable, user friendly and better suited to business goals.

I was responsible for research and planning, UI/UX design, and front-end production.

A team of 5 developers and myself build the web and mobile applications over the course of 2 years.

I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have about the project.

Jamie McCue

PS ~ View some more screenshots at Dribbble.