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Kitestrings Project


On June 1st I started working with the small team of Medium Rare, a Comox Valley based Design Agency. Medium Rare was founded by Tom Keenoy, originally from Brooklyn NY and relocated to the Comox Valley for lifestyle reasons. It’s a distributed team with a handful of employees working remotely.

Given the team is distributed around North America Tom had a need to provide each team member with login credentials to access, view, and manage the passwords needed for their work. Knowing who has access to what passwords among the team was confusing, time consuming, and potentially disastrous if a security crisis happens.

The idea of Kitestrings was born out of managing multiple passwords and accounts across team members through an easy to use web application.

In comes Kitestrings, developed in house for website managers who are confused about best practices for sharing passwords among teams, Kitestrings is an application that provides secure and organized account access management, letting site owners feel confident they’re doing things right. Kitestrings provides a convenient interface that keeps managers in control of their sensitive password information.

My role at Kitestrings is to take the current closed beta version and improve the user experience and interface design to bring it to market and get other agencies like Medium Rare on board.

I’m currently in the learning phase of the project doing market research and prototyping. I’ll continue to post updates here and at Dribbble of the work we produce.

If you manage passwords, codes, access credentials and sensitive data for your customers let me know and I’ll give you a tour.

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