Hi, I’m Jamie McCue, a multidisciplinary designer and web builder connecting people with digital products in meaningful ways through the process of design.

I love to build things, i’m always tinkering and experimenting. With over 15 years of building for the web i’m comfortable creating end-to-end experiences, defining marketing strategy, project management, and teaming up with developers to build awesome tools.

My skill set allows me to design and build software along with learn from the people who use it. It’s gratifying taking concepts from ideation to implementation to guide engagement and customer success.

Always be learning

I believe there is a science behind a good experience. It includes the study of how people think and the psychology behind decision making. Through qualitative and quantitive methods I learn about the needs of users and take action to continuously improve their experience.

Currently i’m working with the team at Bitovi, a digital consulting company specializing in User Experience Design and Javascript Development. We build powerful tools and open source them to support the web development community. Currently helping build the Lowe’s Iris smart home web app. (2017 – Ongoing)

Recently I was building the Propeller One app with a small team here in the Comox Valley. Propeller One is an integrated aircraft journey log, technical records and technical dispatch system for small airlines. The team is based out of the Bricks & Mortar coworking space in Downtown Courtenay. (2016 – 2017)

Previously helped with the team at Kitestrings, a collaborative tool to organize, centralize and share passwords among team members. The team is based out of the Bricks & Mortar coworking space in Downtown Courtenay. (2015 – 2016)

Earlier at Simplex Mobility, a mobility management services provider. Responsible for designing and building a Ruby on Rails app called My-Serve with a small distributed team. The purpose of My-Serve is to equip telecom admins with helpful tools to manage their company wide mobility. Role included interaction design, interface design, front-end development and product management. Making a phone bill worth reading while saving businesses money. (2013 – 2015)

Formerly at InQuicker responsible for UI designs which addressed business, brand and patient requirements. I created user-flows, personas, wireframes, prototypes, and coded HTML/CSS/SASS. Used detailed analysis and testing to develop ideas and solutions to improve the patient experience. Collaborated with engineers and marketing to ensure goals are met in the product development process. (2011 – 2013)

Prior to InQuicker I operated Architexture, a small web design studio founded in 2004 providing a range of digital marketing and design services to clients around North America. My specialities at Architexture included designing and building custom WordPress themes, social media, email marketing, and website performance optimization. I managed Google Analytics, Adwords and Webmaster Tools for a roster of clients to provide insights and optimize marketing efforts. In 2011 Architexture closed up shop to focus on software design. (2004 – 2011)

In 2002, I started my career in web design at Number 41 Media in Victoria BC, where I designed and built websites for a variety of industries. Worked with a team that inspired and guided me to understand more about design and the agile development process. (2002 – 2004)

Out of a quest for collecting music I curate Silent Season, an electronic music label releasing limited run, physical and digital formats with a family of artists from around the world. (2007 – Ongoing)

For offline fun, I founded and coordinate the Comox Valley Web Posse, a community of designers and digital practitioners who meet for professional and social events. (2008 – Ongoing)

Part of the Interactive Media Advisory Committee at North Island College. Previously a member of the board at Innovation Island in Nanaimo. (2010 – Ongoing)

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Inspired by a few books over the years including…

✓ Rework, 37signals
✓ Don’t Make Me Think, Steve Krug
✓ The Design of Everyday Things, Don Norman
✓ The Laws of Simplicity, John Maeda
✓ Lean UX, Jeff Gothelf

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