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Silent Season Wandering Compilation

The Wandering II Compilation is is named after the Wandering tree, a Big Leaf Maple that grows very slowly near the beach by my house. I sit under this tree to enjoy music and watch the ocean.

It’s under this tree that the idea of compiling a series of music that embodies the Silent Season vision and sound was born. We welcome you to sit back, close you’re eyes and listen to the sounds of the Wandering II compilation.

The special edition triple pack CD compilation featuring 27 tracks totalling 3.5 hours of deep mind expanding sounds. Each 3xCD package includes stickers sent with love from Vancouver Island.

Check out the design assets on Dribbble and listen on Bandcamp.

Resident Advisor recently reviewed reviewed the project.

“Most people associate techno with the mechanical. The genre’s automated thump evokes images of futuristic machinery or, at least, the hardware and computers used to make it. Silent Season flips that script. The British Columbia label has always shrouded its techno in a naturalist aesthetic inspired by the beauty of the Vancouver Island region, whose picturesque landscapes adorn every Silent Season release. It isn’t just a matter of slapping photos on cardboard sleeves, though. The style seeps into the roots of Silent Season, defining its earthy textures and damp atmospherics. Primarily known as a dub techno label, over time Silent Season has matured to encompass more abstract forms of the genre as well as ambient music. The Wandering II, Silent Season’s second compilation, uses three discs to explore every nook and cranny of this expansive sound.” – RA

Media Reviews: | Resident Advisor

Silent Season News

“British Columbia label Silent Season has sorted out its next three releases.

Silent Season, launched by Jamie McCue in 2007, is something of a household name among fans of deep, dubby techno and ambient music. Already this year the label has released albums from Seraphim Rytm and Purl, an EP from Sonitus Eco and a compilation CD supporting Boulder’s Communikey festival. Up next (and due out this week) is a three-disc collection of new material, Wandering II.

Wandering II follows five years after the initial single-disc, 12-track Wandering album—the releases take their name from the Wandering tree, a big leaf maple that grows near McCue’s home. This one is dedicated to Michael Mantra, the longtime ambient artist who passed away last year. (Silent Season shared his Mountain/Stream album as a free download.)

It features 28 tracks, and includes a few contributors to the first compilation like Inanitas and Martin Schulte. Segue, Yuka and Sonitus Eco count as other artists who’ve released on Silent Season and are returning for the occasion. Also on hand are Brando Lupi, Michal Wolski and newer and lesser-known names like Archivist, Birds of Prey and tdel. Aside from the three-disc set, Wandering II will come on digital formats, and it’s marked as the 20th release in the label catalog’s original ‘SS’ series.

Two limited-edition vinyl releases are also on the way, signalling a return to the label for each artist. Refracted, who appeared on Silent Season in 2013 with the EP Along A Ghostly Trail (and who launched his own imprint Mind Express earlier this year), has turned in his debut LP, Through The Spirit Realm, which will come on double-vinyl with a gatefold sleeve.

Up next will be ASC. The wide-ranging producer and Auxiliary label boss has turned in a track for Wandering II, and previously issued three ambient CDs through Silent Season, including last year’s Truth Be Told, and a digital mix. (He also put out an album on Samurai Red Seal just a few months ago.) This time, he’s due for a more DJ-friendly EP, Beneath The Surface. Both his and Refracted’s efforts are due to arrive sometime in September or October, and both will get a digital release as well.”

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