Fiber Festival Podcast


I contributed a mix and answered some questions with the Fiber Podcast series from the Netherlands. Features a 2 hour ambient techno mix.

The 31st podcast expresses the ideas of regrowth and rejuvenation after a long winter. Silent Season’s label boss Jamie McCue takes us to the coast of British Columbia for a two hour long journey of deep and ethereal sounds inspired by the radiant beauty of the rainforests of Canada’s Vancouver Island. “I recorded this mix in my back garden chilling out in the sun with a few friends. The night before we played a pretty big gathering so this was the perfect vibe to chill out and enjoy some deeper music.”

“I enjoy making long mixes for headphone listening. For travelling, walking, relaxing, mostly through personal experiences. That said, I also enjoy playing events or parties where it’s connecting with people on the dancefloor. In both contexts It’s important to play music suitable to the environment, make people smile and close their eyes to get lost in the sound.”

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