Shot Block: Vinyl Records


Dribbble put together a cool little Courtside story as part of their blog titled ‘Shot Block: Vinyl Records‘. In it they feature SSV10 from Silent Season alongside some other lovely records. They included a quote on my record design process which is me being a little silly.

“My process for designing a record is rooted in connecting with the emotion and vibe of the music itself. For me, going to a record shop buying a piece of vinyl, holding it, reading the liner notes, looking at the pictures, even the smell of the vinyl is all part of the process. Playing a record is a multi-sensory activity, so the touch and feel of the packaging and quality of the vinyl is as important as the music itself. Much like any design process it’s about understanding the context of which the music will be played and listened in.”

You can read the blog post here or checkout my other work at Dribbble.