Senior Design Position at Bitovi

Working for startups can be an emotional rollercoaster, I’ve felt this way many times over the years. This is for many reasons but particularly because running a small business can be financially and emotionally draining for the founders, the team and families, particularly spouses.

In November after a ride to the bottom curve of the rollercoaster I was worried there would not be enough funds to finance the project going forward. While I wasn’t exactly looking for new work I saw a tweet by Tom Greever who tweeted Bitovi was hiring a designer (remote). At first I thought nothing of it because I felt content where I was, but after he tweeted a 2nd time about the position I thought hey this sounds potentially interesting and maybe I should apply. After some research into the company, their work and the team I was convinced to update my resume with recent work and sent it off to Tom.

A few weeks past and surprisingly Tom contacted me to set an interview time in December. The first interview would be a brief one-on-one with Tom where we chatted about work, projects, life and family. I guess the interview went well as I was scheduled for a 2nd interview in early January, this time with a few designers from the Bitovi team. The interview arrived and we did a run through of a couple of my recent projects, coding abilities, experience and skills. There was a Q&A about my experience and processes as well as some friendly chat about design and coding. I enjoyed meeting them and felt things went pretty well. Moving forward to February Tom asked me to submit a few personal references he could contact. I’m assuming those conversations went well as Tom said he’d like to offer me the job.

While considering the offer I went back to work in February with Propeller One. Despite sometimes being a rollercoaster I was happy working with the team at Propeller One. I enjoy the challenges of conceiving and building the product. I like working with Alex and the team at Vancouver Island Air. I believe in the product and want to see Propeller One succeed. However, I knew I needed to make this important decision. After discussing the offer with my wife we decided the position would be an excellent opportunity.

On March 1st I took the design position at Bitovi and am excited to work with the team of design and developers solving complex front-end engineering and UX design problems.

Thank you to Tom and the team at Bitovi for offering me the job. I look forward to our new adventures making the web a better place.

Thank you to Alex and the Propeller One team for 2 years of building a much needed software product for small airline operators.

Stay tuned for future updates.