Welcome 2016

Well here we are in January 2016 thinking about the year ahead and what adventures it will bring. 2015 goes down as a pretty full-on year for family life, work projects, and also Silent Season, a side project that seems to keep growing. So for more or less i’ll be staying the course for 2016 with a few added considerations to help improve how I use my time.

I gave myself a couple things to consider for this year: #1. Focus: reduce distractions for both my professional and family life. #2. Dedication: to both my family and to quality of work. #3: Discipline: do the best work I can do with the help of #1 and #2.

A couple of things that helped me kick off #1 was turning all the notifications off on my phone, except text messaging (which I need for family and friends). This means not getting push notifications every 5 minutes which translates to not being distracted and hence focusing more on the task at hand. Another bold move i’ve been considering for a while was leaving Facebook. My wife left FB in November and being impressed with her diligence to stay away I opted out as well at the end of December. So far so good, I feel freer, easily less distracted, and less like i’m missing out on things, FOMO you know?. I don’t really miss it but who knows that could change. Downside to leaving FB was leaving a lot of friends and contacts behind. You don’t really realize how tied our communication is to regularly using Messenger. After years of communicating via Messenger tracking people down to get their email is a bit of a hurdle but again, if it’s important it’s worth the effort. I feel all this goes hand in hand with #2 and #3. If I can improve my focus both my dedication to what i’m doing improves and the discipline this creates gives me more clarity at both work and at home.

On the work front

In November 2015, I started working with my associates at Dialect on a top secret integrated aircraft journey log, technical records and technical dispatch system called Propeller One. I suspect P1 (as we call it internally) will do really well and take a lot of stress off airline operators. My role with Prop One is Designer and Product Management. Given this is a startup environment underneath these titles there are many responsibilities and hats to where. Essentially User Experience Design is the process of enhancing the user satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction between the users and the product. I’m really excited about this project given the market potential. Currently we’re building and testing a prototype with aviation experts to squash assumptions and make an awesome product. Stay tuned for more information on the project.

In June 2015, I started working with another local startup called Kitestrings. The idea of Kitestrings was born out of managing multiple passwords and logins across distributed teams and clients. Trying to remember all these passwords is impossible, storing them in email is annoying, and using a spreadsheet, well that’s crazy! I’m responsible for Product Management and User Experience Design. Current status of the app is in a holding pattern waiting on funding. For more info read my post about Kitestrings.

My music label and side project Silent Season will continue but not full-on like last year. The aim this year is less releases with more focus on vinyl. There are already a few exciting albums planned with Segue, Mystica Tribe and a few others. Follow along with the upcoming releases and mixes at Soundcloud or listen at Bandcamp. This is the 9th year for Silent Season, 2017 will see the 10th anniversary.

I will continue with my community support position with the CV Collective team helping the magazine with community building and marketing.

All this said I’m very excited for 2016. I’m always open for new adventures and opportunities. I’d be happy to hear from you so send me an email and let’s connect.

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