For The Love Of Vinyl


For The Love Of Vinyl is a new blog interview series with record collectors from across the Globe. Today I spoke to Jamie McCue, a vinyl collector & DJ. Jamie is also the man behind Silent Season, a wonderful DIY ambient and techno record label based in Courtenay (Canada), a small city in the wilderness of Vancouver Island’s Comox Valley. The unique sound of the label grew out of the connection between deep ethereal music and the natural beauty of Vancouver Island’s rainforests.

Listening to Silent Season is listening to music that speaks to the soul and soothes the mind. It’s not just a beat and some melodies, it is life unfolding and storytelling at its finest. Trust me. Just listen to albums like ASC’s sublime ‘Time Heals All’ or Purl’s beautiful ‘Stillpoint’ and you’ll suddenly find yourself in the middle of an imaginary rainforest, just walking, absorbing music and nature.

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