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Silent Season Limited CD


A new chapter in the Silent Season story. This time with a mystic named Seraphim Rytm, a secluded forest dweller residing in the rugged Dinaric Alps.

350 handmade CDs available in the traditional Silent Season recycled jacket. Each CD includes a color insert, stickers, stamped, hand numbered, and sent with love from Vancouver Island.

The album Aeterna is inspired by Andrei Tarkovsky and the use of water to create long ambient feelings for the early morning open mountain air.

“Aeterna has a way of sounding immense but not overpowering. The title track coaxes you in with nine minutes of gorgeous nature sounds, and then it hits you: one glorious wash of bliss after another. Almost every track deals with the same elements: whirring high frequencies, slow-rumbling basslines and peppy percussive arrangements. Each sprawling path has a different way of putting these parts together, but they’re always hidden under a canopy of trees, creating a thick, humid air that only makes the album more enveloping. There are differences here and there—”Nastir Sina” gestures towards dub techno with its rubbery synth leads, while “Sumaritma” recalls The Field in how it squashes everything into one graceful blur—but fundamentally, Aeterna is an album that lives solely in its own carefully-defined world.” – Resident Advisor

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