DUB in the PARK

[ DUB in the PARK ]

Welcome to the first Silent Season gathering in our hometown of the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island. We’re excited to share 2 special guests, Segue vs. Mystica Tribe for this special evening featuring live dub music from Japan and Canada.

In his first visit to Canada we welcome Taka Noda aka Mystica Tribe from Japan. He will be joining B.C. artist Jordan Sauer aka Segue for this free, family friendly electronic music event in the park. Opening processions will be with Jamie McCue of Silent Season.

In celebration of the event Silent Season produced 100 Limited edition CD-Rs in 100% recycled jackets. This limited edition CD features a red letterpress of the Silent Season tree in tribute to the Japanese flag. CDs were sold at the park. A few remaining copies are available on Discogs.

[ DUB in the Park ] Segue vs. Mystica Tribe – August 13th, Simms Park, Courtenay, British Columbia.

1. Mystica Tribe – Gone From Here
2. Mystica Tribe – Under Pressure
3. Mystica Tribe – New Horizons
4. Mystica Tribe – Cosmic Vibration
5. Segue – Identity Dub
6. Segue – Celestial
7. Segue – Aurora
8. Segue – Snow Dub

CD Featuring Tracks From:

Segue – Over the Mountains [SSCD20]
Segue – Pacifica [SSCD13]
Mystica Tribe – Island Oasis [SSDB01]


Mystica Tribe (Japan)

Mystica Tribe is the musical alias of Tokyo-based producer, Taka Noda. Drawing on a wide range of influences – from dub, soul, bass music, rhythm and blues –Mystica Tribe has quickly been developing a very distinctive sound that exists in a weird, freaked out zone between dub and techno. Noda is especially interested in deep, psychedelic music, and this is reflected in his productions, which are equally suited for late night listening sessions or bent, broken in dancefloors. His first track, “Meditation Stick”, was released in 2011 on Dutch label SD Records, backed by two remixes from label owners Syncom Data. This was followed by two more EPs on SD Records in 2013: “Stars are Mine” and “Flowers”. Artists like Gilles Peterson and 2562 have supported these well-received releases, and his track “His Temple” recently appeared on Pangaea’s Fabric Live 73 mix CD. In 2014, Noda is launching his own label, Mystica Tribe Records, through which he plans to continue developing his uniquely psychedelic take on dub and techno. His next EP, “Lizard”, will be released on his new label in early 2014.

Segue (Canada)

Segue is Jordan Sauer, a music producer from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The music of Segue is a combination of many different styles and influences, but the predominant flavours are ambient and dub-techno. Each composition is built of layers of tones and textures sourced from field recordings, acoustic instruments and electronic sources. The music slowly builds into warm, melodic, soundscapes, which some have described as evocative of the natural landscapes of Western Canada. The sounds used in each composition are carefully chosen, consisting of field recordings, acoustic instruments and electronic sound sources.

Silent Season (Canada)

Silent Season is a music label influenced by the natural surroundings of British Columbia, Canada. The sounds of Silent Season grew out of the connection between deep ethereal sounds and the mossy rain forests of Vancouver Island. A soundtrack to some of the most radiant and aural beauty in the world. Sharing a vision with a family of artists from all over the world, we hope you enjoy what you hear.