Bitovi UX Design & JavaScript Consulting (2017 – Current)

Bitovi simplifies JavaScript development and UX design. We teach people how to create amazing web apps. At Bitovi my responsibilities are helping clients establish a clear plan for their software development. I collaborate with our clients to understand the needs of their users, define business requirements, and create assets to support the product. Here are a few of my duties:

– Collaborate with developers, product managers and stakeholders
– Lead collaborative team sessions to define the needs of the business
– Written use cases and goals describing the business case for the software
– User flows documenting how the application could work
– Creating proof-of-concept prototypes to test primary use cases
– Wireframes and mockups to illustrate the interface
– Conducting user research on-site at client locations
– Offer high-fidelity designs expressing a vision for the final product
– Writing HTML and CSS necessary to implement the application

Propeller One

Propeller One App (2016 – 2017)

Propeller One is a tailor-made software solution for small airline operators which effectively manages the journey log, technical records, maintenance control, and AMO logistics, all digitally. It integrates these areas with maintenance tracking to create a robust technical dispatch system. Designed specifically for 702, 703 and 704 carriers.

Duties: Product Management, Design & Front-end Development

Project Details / Dribbble


Kitestrings Password Manager App (2015 – 2016)

Kitestrings is a collaborative tool which manages password access across teams, letting managers maintain control over who has access to which accounts. Kitestrings is built for team usage, making it easy to collaborate—and revoke access when someone leaves the team.

The problem: Online account owners and managers have no simple, organized, standardized way to share passwords securely while maintaining clear records of who has what passwords. Knowing who has access to what passwords among the team is confusing, time consuming, and potentially disastrous when a security crisis happens.

The solution: Kitestrings gives managers a quick and complete view of their online accounts and team members, shows who has access to password protected accounts, allows password management across the team, and instantly revokes access to people who are no longer on the team.

Duties: Product Management, Design & Front-end Development

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Simplex Mobility

Simplex Mobility Web & Mobile App (2013 – 2015)

Simplex Mobility is a mobility management services provider. Here we are designing and building a Ruby on Rails application called My-Serve with a small distributed team. The purpose of My-Serve is to equip telecom admins with helpful tools to manage their company wide mobility and devices.

I collaborated with a product manager and developers to define features, functionality, and content strategy to meet customer needs and align business goals. Determine application objectives and customer needs through research and planning. Responsible for product design which includes interaction design, interface design, front-end dev, and analysis. Continuous enhancement of existing features based on user feedback, testing and learning in an agile environment.

The Simplex team is small so we iterate often with regular deployments, following the methodologies of build-measure-learn from The Lean Startup.

We use Intercom (among other analytical tools) to gain insights and validate learning from how customers are interacting with the app. Intercom is awesome because it allows us to directly communicate with customers to get feedback and offer support.

Duties: Design & Front-end Development

Project Details / Dribbble

InQuicker Screenshot

InQuicker Web & Mobile App (2011 – 2013)

InQuicker online self-scheduling lets you check-in for estimated treatment times at ERs and Urgent Care Centers or book appointments for healthcare services.

Responsible for designs that addressed business, brand and patient requirements. Created user-flows, personas, wireframes, prototypes, and coded HTML/CSS. Used detailed analysis and testing to develop ideas and solutions to improve the patient experience. Collaborated with engineers, marketing and business to ensure goals were met in the product development process.

Duties: Design & Front-end Development

Project Details / Dribbble / Wireframes

Silent Season Screenshot

Silent Season Recordings (2007 – Ongoing)

Curator, creative director and designer at Silent Season, an electronic music label inspired by the natural surroundings of British Columbia. The sounds of Silent Season grew out of the connection between deep ethereal music and the rain forests of Vancouver Island. A soundtrack to some of the most radiant and aural beauty in the world.

Here I design, assemble and distribute limited run vinyl, CDs, and digital music around the world.

Duties: Creative Direction & Graphic Design / Press / Discography / Design / Facebook / Soundcloud

CV Web Posse

Comox Valley Web Posse (2008 – Ongoing)

The CV Web Posse is a community of designers and web professionals who meet for educational and social events. Bringing together designers, developers, and digital practitioners to exchange ideas, facilitate education, instigate discussion and encourage each other in working on the web.

Duties: Founder & Community Builder / Newsletter & Event Archive

Campfire Stories

Campfire Stories Podcast Series (2013 – Ongoing)

Campfire Stories is a mix series by friends of Silent Season. The focus of the series is on storytelling through deeper electronic music. Artists weave together narratives using the emotional characteristics of ambient and techno music. Thanks to all the artists and labels whose sounds help tell the story.

Duties: Creative Direction & Curator / Soundcloud