Time to get down to it


The holidays are now over and it’s time to get back to business. It feels really good to be back mostly because I love work, love my office and I have some pretty cool projects on the go. I’m currently redesigning the Fernwood Coffee Roasting Company website which is an awesome project considering how much I love coffee. They sent me 2 pounds of their beans so I can fully immerse myself in the richness of their product.

That said, no amount of coffee can really prepare you for taking time off and having to check your email all at once. So it’s time to get back to the regimented schedule. I came across a site today which offers her handy tips for staying productive as the sticky note above shows.

I too agree with Scott Berkun in that “I don’t use her system exactly – but I do often start the day writing out my list of 5 or 6 things, and that list often includes 2 or 3 of the same things every day (Surprise: writing sessions is one of them). I write it on a post it, and stick it on my monitor, replacing the one from the day before. Whenever I feel lost or out of control, odds are I forgot to do this for the day. So I stop, make my list, and get back on track.”

I love lists especially simple ones where you can look at it and the day doesn’t seem so daunting. Reviewing the day before and after work is key for me because I have to know what I’m up against for the day and week.

Check out That Canadian Girls blog for more tips and good reading. For another good self-help article be sure to check out this months Wired magazines article entitled “Diary of a Self-Help Dropout: Flirting With the 4-Hour Workweek” where Chad Hardwick demystifies some popular self-help and time management books.

Happy New Year!