White Space


An archived article posted this week at A List Apart about White Space initiates some good discussion around a basic design fundamental. Ironically the image used in their example resembles most of the ads in our 2 bi-weekly papers here in the Comox Valley. Both papers are littered with examples of cluttered and busy ads for local businesses. If  the “designers” behind these ads would realize that less is actually more then maybe the visual clutter of our daily lives would gradually decrease. Everywhere we turn these days we are bombarded with visual stimulus, every now and then an ad will breath a some fresh air into the paper by offer some much needed space around the details in the ad.

“Whitespace,” or “negative space” is the space between elements in a composition. More specifically, the space between major elements in a composition is “macro whitespace.” Micro whitespace, is—yes, you’ve guessed it—the space between smaller elements: between list items, between a caption and an image, or between words and letters. The itty-bitty stuff.

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