Simplex Mobility App


Simplex’s software help companies ensure that managing mobility is easy. Offering a digital solution that enables clients to spend less internal time and money on their current cellular account.

Role: UX Designer

What I did: Product Design, UX Research, Branding

I collaborated with a product manager and developers to define features, functionality, and content strategy to meet customer needs and align business goals. Determine application objectives and customer needs through research and planning.

Responsible for product design which includes interaction design, interface design, front-end dev, and analysis. Continuous enhancement of existing features based on user feedback, testing and learning in an agile environment. The Simplex team is small so we iterate often with regular deployments, following the methodologies of build-measure-learn from The Lean Startup.

The Simplex Mobility Story

Now imagine if you will that your name is Chris Smith, and you are the office administrator at ABC Widget Corp. You are responsible for almost 3000 employee devices including cellphones, smartphones, tablets, aircards, hubs, modems, etc. Trying to make sense of your 800+ page $65,000 monthly phone bill drives you mad. You don’t have the time to fine-tooth-comb your way through 8000 lines of mobile usage to try to determine if company wide costs are in-line.

Face it, device management is complicated and you have more important responsibilities. I’m sure you’d love to save time and eliminate the frustrations of managing all those mobile devices. What if there was no more sorting piles of cellphone bills or manually tracking down what devices are not being used? Think about it, imagine never having to call your carrier to suspend another employees phone again.

You can run regular carrier reports including monthly billing, suspended devices, and suspension candidates. Save 25-30% of your monthly bill by easily managing unused lines, high usage devices, and make sure your plans and features line up.

My-Serve is being built to help office admins and managers do their job more efficiently while saving the company money in the process.

Project Background

The following screenshots are of the My-Serve mobility management prototype built on Ruby on Rails. They represent the initial product structure and interface based on a simple style guide that directs the layout. The interface components will continue to be iterated and refined based on customer feedback.

Company Overview

Real Time Reporting

Top Data Usage

Monthly Billing Report

Devices Roaming

All Employee Devices

Employee Device

Edit Device

Device Activity

View some more screenshots at Dribbble.